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Best Pets For Apartment Living

From small pets to bigger ones, nearly every pet is suited for apartment living. But we thought to give you a list portraying which are the best when it comes for it.

So without wasting any of your time, let’s jump straight into it.


Dogs are absolutely best when it comes to apartment living. But where people take issue is adopting a larger breed for a tiny apartment.

Well, the great thing about getting a dog is that it will not mind where it lives. All it needs is your attention and love and will be sure to give it back to you.

Whether you’re thinking about a German Sheppard or a tiny Chihuahua, nearly every breed is well suited for apartment living.

But if we are going to give you out three best picks, then we’d have to say that Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Poodles are not only the most popular apartment living breed, but also the best,


Cats are very close contenders to dogs for best pets for apartment living, but they are ranked lower because they are less favored. According to the American Pet Products Association, there are currently ~90million pet cats in the United States.

And while there isn’t solid data on the number of apartment cats, we’re betting that the number is quite high.

The great thing about cats is that they don’t require as much attention and taking care of as dogs. That makes them very favorable for apartment living.

Cats are naturally very independent and can take care of themselves pretty well, assuming you’ve taken care of their feeding needs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do all the other things. Getting a cat with this mindset only means you’re not ready for it.

There are some absolutely wonderful breed of cats that work best for apartment living. If you’re planning on getting a cat to live with you in your apartment, then we recommend a Maine Coon, Ragdoll, or Exotic Shorthair.


Fish are the type of pets that require little to no taking care of. All you need to do to be a good fish-pet owner is to clean its bowl and feed it. You should consider getting multiple fishes and put them into a larger aquarium to keep them company.

You can also decorate the aquarium to make it look like the one in Finding Nemo. And although fish require very little taking care of, you shouldn’t forget to look after their hygiene needs.

If you’re planning on turning your apartment into Sea World, then make sure to get Neon Tetras, Goldfish, and Anglefish.


When it comes to pets that take up little to no space, birds are absolutely best. Apartments might seem fairly small for a bird to call home, but it really depends on the breed.

African Grey Parrots are some of our favorite breeds of parrots, but do know that they do not like living in small spaces. While other breeds of parrots are perfectly fine, you should do your research regarding the best ones.

All a bird needs to live in an apartment is a cage and plenty of earplugs as some of them can be quite loud. The loud noise is probably the reason why birds aren’t that favored as apartment pets.

If we would to give you out best picks, we would say Parrots, Cockatiels, and domesticated Canaries work best.

Hamsters, Rats, and Guinea Pigs

We’ve slowly approaching pets that aren’t really popular as much as the previous ones. And while there is a significant number of hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs living as pets in the US, the number comes nowhere close to the likes of dogs, cats, and birds.

But the reason why you should consider getting a hamster, a rat, or a guinea pig as a pet is the fact that they require little to no human interaction.

It is said that petting or playing with them once a day is enough to satisfy them for days. And not only that, these pets are fairly low maintenance pets. This means that apart from cleaning their small enclosure and attending to their feeding needs, hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs can live perfectly on their own.

If you do plan on getting one of these, make sure to get a pair of them to keep each other company.


We’re now venturing into the extreme. Snakes, depending on who you ask, are an absolute NO-GO as pets. But contrary to what naysayers say, snakes can be quite the unusual pets.

If you can look past the creepiness and don’t be afraid of them, snakes are very passive creatures that are perfectly suited for apartment living.

What you will need to take into account is to get them a fairly big enclosure and provide them with plenty of sunlight. If your apartment happened to be located on the side of the building that gets plenty of sunlight, then that would make the snakes’ life so much easier.

Snakes do have unusual feeding needs and will require you to clean their enclosure, but other than that they are wonderful apartment pets. If you’re looking to get a snake, consider a Corn snake, Ball Python, or a Rosy Boa.


Rabbits aren’t popular apartment pets at all but they make the list because people do get them. If you want to get a rabbit as an apartment pet, then there will be a few things you need to take care of.

Similarly to cats, rabbits can be trained to use the litter box. If you know anything about rabbits it’s probably the fact that they do like to poo a lot and every place they can.

So if you manage to train it to use the litter box, then your life will be made much easier.

Rabbits don’t like to cuddle nor will they require any human attention. While some can get pretty attached to you, you shouldn’t worry too much about giving ti unconditional love and attention.

Another reason why rabbits make up pretty good apartment pets is the fact that they prefer to live in an enclosure. So if you’re passionate about getting a rabbit, make sure to do that.

The best apartment-living rabbit breeds include the Mini Rex, Dutch rabbit, and Holland Lop.