Dude Perfect net worth

Dude Perfect Net Worth

Dude Perfect is a famous American sports entertainment group on YouTube that consists of Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, and the Coby and Cory Cotton twins as its main cast. Everyone in the main cast is a former high school basketball player and college roommate at the Texas A&M University.

Today, the channel Dude Perfect has more than 56 million subscribers, 200 videos, and 13 billion views. So it’s not surprising that they have broken several Guinness World Records. Their achievements also bring the channel to the top 20 of all YouTube channels ever.

In this article, we’re going to learn more about this awesome channel, its net worth, biography, earnings, and more.

Dude Perfect net worth in 2021

Dude Perfect has a net worth of $50 million. Now your question has finally been answered. Many fans and other curious YouTube users have asked me this, and now you know the answer. And to give you a clearer picture of their net worth, let’s take a look at their earnings per year, month, and day.

How much does Dude Perfect earn?

According to the latest report, Dude Perfect ears about $14 million per year from ads alone. That is enormous earning from ads, since it’s so easy to be demonetized nowadays.

Furthermore, Dude Perfect has many endorsement deals that earn them more income every year. So they release at least one video per week, which usually gets around 8 million views within the first week. So in a day, Dude Perfect can earn around $40,000 per day or $14 million per year from ads alone.

And this is not including all the earnings they get from the mobile app, television show tours, beans, documentary, music, and books. These other ventures started back in 2011 when they released a free mobile game for iOS and Android, titled Dude Perfect. Then they partnered with several companies to release other merchandise and products.

Dude Perfect’s mansion, cars, and other assets

It is still pretty much unknown how many houses or cars everyone in the group has. So, unfortunately, I can’t talk much about this. But yes, many fans have been asking many questions about the Dude Perfect which can be seen on many videos they’ve released.

Dude Perfect biography

The five members of the Dude Perfect group used to be playing in the same basketball team in high school and were also college roommates at the Texas A&M University. The channel Dude Perfect became famous for making videos of trick shots and also for their Stereotypes series.

Since the beginning of its creation in 2009, Dude Perfect has averaged about 10 million views. Their most popular videos are Water Bottle Flip 2, Real Life Trick Shots 2, Ping Pong Trick Shots 3, and Real Life Trick Shots. All of these videos have more than 200 million views, with the highest number reached 385 million.

Thanks to the channel’s fame and recognition, Dude Perfect has been working together with many athletes and former athletes. So far, Dude Perfect has worked with Chris Paul, Jason Belmonte, Aaron Rodgers, Russel Wilson, Zac Efron, Ryan Tannehill, and many more. Most of these partnerships are about endorsement or promoting the channel and athletes.

In 2011, Dude Perfect released a free mobile game called Dude Perfect. The sequel, Dude Perfect 2 and other games such as Endless Ducker and That’s Lit have also been released following the release of Dude Perfect.

Dude Perfect went on a live tour in 2019, and it was well-received. The following year, Dude Perfect was working together with Serious Bean Co. to create a new flavor of baked beans.

Fun facts about Dude Perfect

Here are some fun and interesting facts for you:

  • Net worth: $50 million
  • Profession: Sports entertainment group on YouTube
  • Nationality: American
  • Movies and TV Shows: The Dude Perfect Show, Backstage Pass, Access Hollywood Live, Ridiculousness, Good Morning America, Pickup Basketball Stereotypes.

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