what is wellness real estate

What Is Wellness Real Estate And Why Is It So Important?

A relatively new term, wellness real estate has a single goal in mind; help you live longer.

What became popular just recently is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Wellness real estate was for a long time seen as science fiction. But that science fiction is now a reality, according to many real estate agencies.

To tell you what wellness real estate is, we will have to dive a bit deeper in to the subject. So buckle up and get ready as it is important.

What is Wellness Real Estate?

Wellness weal estate refers to homes that are equipped with the latest tools and means to support the health of the residents. From clean and pollutant-free water to air purifiers, these are some of the means that wellness real estate makes it possible.

The industry uses the latest technologies in environmental safety to achieve this. By implementing smart systems that monitor pollution, residents can live in a pollutant-free zone. But this is just one aspect of wellness real estate.

By creating an environment that meets all of the safety demands, residents are believed to be the ones benefiting the most. With all that said, homes built with the clear mind of achieving wellness do cost more than your average home.

And even though the industry is quite young, sooner of later wellness real estate will be affordable for everyone.

How Does Wellness Real Estate Achieve This?

The idea of living in a home that promotes healthy living by eliminating many of the environmental risks is compelling to many. Since we live in an age where pollution is ever more present, wellness real estate might just be the answer.

The industry is currently worth $134 billion. Statistics show a 10% annual growth, which will put it on $180 billion by 2020. It’s safe to say that it is one of the fastest-growing industries within real estate.

And the huge growth points shows signs of promisse. So how does it manage to achieve it?

  • Minimizing Environmental Impact on Human Health

Environmental impacts play a huge role on our health. From air pollutants to harmful toxic substances, our homes aren’t exactly built to combat the negative impact of our environment. Human health is becoming an increasingly popular talking subject within real estate. But it’s not only the environment impact that we have to take into consideration. Wellness real estate achieves this by also improving your sleep, reducing stress, and promote earth-friendly practices.

  • A Change of Lifestyle

Wellness isn’t some artificial thing that we can modify our homes with. It’s a way of life that many people are getting on board with. Wellness involves changing your mindset and behavior to live a healthier lifestyle. This includes exercise, living an active lifestyle, a healthy mind as well as body, eating a balanced, healthy diet, and improve your psychological wellbeing in general.

What’s Included?

Okay so with all that said, what exactly are you getting with a home built through the concept of wellness real estate?

No doubt a real estate agent will tell you that a “healthy” home needs a fair few things. What wellness real estate focuses on mostly is water and air. By supplying homes with clean pollutant-free water and air, we can increase the lifespan of millions of people. Not only that but most of these homes are equipped with filtration systems that also remove toxins and allergens, eliminating many diseases in the process.

Sleep is a vital component of our health. Every person needs to sleep for an optimal period of time. Wellness homes have lighting systems that synch with your circadian rhythm. This means that the lights produce energizing lights during the day, and melatonin-enhancing lights in the night. This help keep you awake in the day and helps you sleep better at night.

But that’s not all. By focusing on technology that develops and designs natural materials, we can eliminate bacteria by using these materials as walls, floors, and other surfaces. So in sense, we upgrade our homes to combat the spread of diseases.

Many of these homes also come with rooms specially designed to look after your wellness needs. From meditation rooms to saunas and even Vitamin-C infused showers. Simply said, wellness real estate is a state-of-the-art concept that slowly becomes a reality.

A Concept Soon To Be Affordable For Everyone

Wellness homes might cost a fortune in the eyes of many. And while some of these homes can cost millions of dollars, they will become more affordable once the industry attracts competition.

From construction firms that will build the homes to companies that will provide many of the amenities, the prices will be more appealing to buyers by 2022.

Some air filtration units and water purifiers would’ve cost four times as much half a decade ago. Through innovation and technology, we can create even better system for just a fraction of the price.

One of the many goals of wellness real estate is to be an affordable option in the future. Since the concept is just about now gaining popularity, experts believe that these state-of-the-art systems will become a feature of affordable development.