The Truth behind Popular Urban Legends

Urban legends are stories that are often shared as true, despite lacking substantial evidence to support them. These legends are often spread through word of mouth, social media, or other forms of communication. While some urban legends may seem entertaining or even harmless, others can be outright dangerous, leading people to make poor decisions or take unnecessary risks. In this post, we will explore some of the most popular urban legends and separate fact from fiction.

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

Perhaps one of the most well-known urban legends is the tale of the vanishing hitchhiker. The story usually goes that a driver picks up a hitchhiker who then disappears soon after being picked up. The hitchhiker may leave behind a piece of clothing or some other item, leading the driver to believe they were never really there in the first place. While this story may be creepy, there is no evidence to support it. The story has been around for centuries and has been told in various forms all over the world. It is possible that the story is based on some real-life experiences, but the details have been exaggerated and distorted over time.

The Killer in the Backseat

Another popular urban legend is the story of the killer in the backseat. This tale usually involves a woman driving alone at night when she realizes that there is someone hiding in the backseat of her car. The person in the backseat is usually a killer or some other dangerous individual waiting to attack the driver. While this story may seem frightening, there have been no documented cases of it ever happening in real life. The story likely originated as a cautionary tale, warning people about the dangers of driving alone at night.

The Alligators in the Sewers

The legend of alligators living in the sewers of major cities has been around for decades. The story goes that people would flush baby alligators down their toilets, which would then grow to monstrous proportions in the sewer systems. While it is true that alligators have been found in some urban areas, it is highly unlikely that they are living in the sewers. Alligators need sunlight, warmth, and air to survive, which are all in short supply in the dark, dank sewers. It is also highly unlikely that people would be able to keep alligators as pets, let alone flush them down their toilets in the first place.

The Choking Doberman

The story of the choking Doberman is often told as a cautionary tale to pet owners. The story goes that a family comes home to find their Doberman choking on something. They rush the dog to the vet, only to find that it was choking on the fingers of a burglar it had attacked. Like many urban legends, this story is designed to be memorable, shocking, and cautionary. However, there is no evidence to support its authenticity, and it is highly unlikely that a burglar would stick their fingers down the throat of a dog that was attacking them.


While urban legends can be entertaining and may even have some basis in reality, it is important to approach them with a healthy dose of skepticism. Before sharing an urban legend or believing one yourself, take the time to verify the facts and separate the truth from fiction.